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What to Do or Not Do in Backing up Your Data

Even though backing up our data is extremely important, we often neglect it. Why? Well, because it’s just another thing you know you have to do, but you just “don’t have time” for. Believe me, once your computer crashes, you’re done. Worries? Multiplied and also, a lot of important data lost. I know it’s easier to just say “Backup? Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow, it’s not such a big a deal” Yeah, sure. And tomorrow? You’ll do it the next day? And then? Computer boom! And you’re like “If I had known this would happen I would have backed up my data”. I bet you would have. We don’t know if or when will it happen, but when it does we have to be prepared.

Dos. OK, well first of all and also the most important thing of all- back up your data! You don’t have to back up all of it, just the vital data, data that is indispensable to you. Just think what losing it would do to you. Second, use data storages carefully. If you use offline means, like CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, after you get your data on them, put them in a safe place. Then, if you don’t have safe room, make some: put the CDs in a dry, hard to reach for others, place. Third, every week or so, update your data storages. Add the new irreplaceable files so you don’t have to think about the risk of losing them. This is really a life saver.

Dos-part 2. A very good storage for your data is online storage with a very good password. It’s safer than offline storages and you can get to your data anytime from anywhere. Whatever way of backing up you choose is good if you use it and better, if you know how to use it. Anyone with basic computer skills can do it. Also, keep in mind that you need an Internet connection if you want tot use online backup. Another good tip would be to make a copy of the data you store and keep it in a different place. For example, if you have something stored on a CD, make a copy of that CD. Keep one CD at home and one at work so you’re covered.

Dos-part 3. The best way to store your data is to have both online and offline storages. This is the most secure way, but it is a bit more expensive. This is because if something happens to your PC, you have your CDs, DVDs, memory sticks. And if something happens to those to, you have your files copied online and you can access them from elsewhere. But, if you consider online backup a tad too pricy for your security, then try out just the offline methods. Only remember to have two copies kept in separate places. Online backup saves you the time that you spend on backing up your data to offline means but it’s up to you.

Don’ts. The most important “don’t” is don’t forget to back up your data! Even though the computer is a revolutionary machine, it can be damaged, it can break. So don’t save your data only on the internal hard disk because you can lose it very easily. Don’t save your data on CDs and then put them wherever. They can easily get scratched and malfunction or not function at all. Don’t forget to backup your files every week or every day. It depends on the updates of the important data. Don’t forget your password to the online storage account because it may almost save your life one day. Don’t underestimate data backup, disasters happen every day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your personal or your business computer. I bet you have files that you need and you would be devastated if they got lost. Pictures, account information, emails, address books and not the mention your business data which includes customer details, accounts and everything your business creates. I know, backing up your data is time consuming, but just think of the benefits you get from securing you data and not desperately trying to recover it after a disaster. Wouldn’t it be easier to have everything you need just a click or an external hard drive away? Well, yes, it would and it would also save you from pulling your hair. Just in case.

What’s To Know About Computers

Let’s talk about solutions or answers to anything regarding to the thing which we can’t live without-our evolved source of problems and questions-our PC. From how to choose the IT Support company to data recovery, we always have something to deal with and we must be smart about it.
Should we choose a new or a used computer? If you know what you want to use it for and how much are you willing to spend, then some of your choosing problems are solved. If you want to use it for performance 3D gaming, you should get a new computer. But, if you want it for basic use, like writing papers and surfing the internet, then you can be satisfied with a used computer. Even though used computers are not as powerful as the newer ones, you can get some good use out of them for typing or other basic tasks.

What if you had a slow computer? Should you try and solve it yourself? Well, there are some solutions that not include third parties or spending your money. As many other things, computers need to be cleaned and maintained. One of the things you should try is checking your recycle bin. If it’s full of unnecessary documents and you are sure that none of them serves you anymore, you can just right click on the icon and choose Empty Recycle Bin. Another trick would be downloading software that clears out your cache files. These are temporary files which are downloaded when you visit specific websites. Last, but not least, try and delete any unused files that you don’t need because in time they could affect your computer.

Ever have a computer issue that you are not able to fix yourself? If you are having this kind of computer issues, it may be time to get some professional help. Make sure you get a good reference and find out what types of services they provide. It’s important to look for companies that can offer free evaluations. If they offer online backup or other
IT support services, it may be a time saver as you don’t have to bring your computer to their office. Anyway, it's always a good idea to call and talk to them first before you agree to anything.
Another important problem is how to protect your wireless network from unwanted users that are difficult to identify and that use your network in order to download unauthorized material on the rights of the songs and music. To overcome these problems you should do a couple of things like-changing the password on your wireless network from time to time and installing cryptographic keys to the codes can be changed according to a regular basis.

What about data recovery? You need to have trusted data recovery technique means, in order to prevent data loss. Another way of going around this would be using remote backup software. But what if you don’t and your computer breaks down? Data Recovery Software has emerged as the new technique to recover lost data from storage systems. It as been proven that this software is the best means to restore files and folders lost because of unforeseen mishaps. From communicating with other continents to having any piece of information we want at our disposal, computers have revolutionized the world of technology and have made our life much easier.

Why Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

The two things that make us waste precious time and ruin our day are the spam junk that we get and sneaky viruses that take control of our computer. The funny thing is that the unwanted messages don’t just pile up in our inbox but also may bring with them viruses that represent a real threat to our computers. If we look at the problem from different perspectives we can see that viruses show us how vulnerable we are because a properly made virus can disrupt productivity and make damages of billions of dollars. If we look at it the other way we may see that viruses also show us how evolved, sophisticated and connected humans have become.

What’s a computer virus and what does it do? It’s a software that spreads itself by infecting executable files and after that it duplicates itself, interfering with your computer operations. Of course, a virus does all this without you knowing. Viruses are especially designed to do certain operations and so while some damage files others just to try to spread around. It’s important to know that even the ones that just spread around are harmful as they infect files too. Anyway, the actual effect of the virus depends on what it was programmed to do. Note that viruses may corrupt or delete files or even delete the entire hard disk but it may not physically damage your hard disk.

How do you get a computer virus and how do you get rid of it? One of the ways you get them is by those annoying spam messages. It’s extremely important that you don’t open an attachment of an email that you got from a person you don’t know. Also, you might get a virus from downloaded file or from instant messaging messages. Best thing to do is find a good IT Support company and get the best Anti Virus there is. No business can survive without this kind of program. It efficiently protects your files so that viruses can’t touch them. It saves you from all the trouble and you don’t have to lose sleep. Your business is safe and so are you.

What’s spam and what can it do? Spam messages get to you every day and every way. They may hide some interesting viruses that can do anything to your computer.
All they do besides spreading around is losing your time. Your schedule gets busier because of the spam phenomenon that increases everyday and why? Because of the companies who specialize in this kind of under handed marketing. Your inbox gets full and you may have some important email that can’t get to you because of all the spam. You can’t complete your tasks, spend less time with your family and friends because you have to delete those useless spam messages you get.

How can you avoid it? First of all, give a call to that IT Support company and get their Anti-Spam software. The role of any Anti Spam software is to identify and isolate the malicious, unwanted email from the genuine ones. This software is coded in such way that all unwanted emails are collected in a spam folder and you can delete them when you’re sure they’re all spam. After that, it’s really important to keep your Anti-Virus and Anti Spam updated. Avoid publishing your email address on websites or forums because a spammer may get a hold of it and then you’re getting your inbox filled like I said. Do these things and you’ll save precious time.

All about Broadband Service and More

The easiest way to explain it is that broadband is the term used to define the channel between our computers and the internet. Nowadays, a connection to the internet is an absolute must because of the fact that this is the century of speed. If you want something, you want it good and fast. Any piece of information you need is just a “connect” click away. So why refuse it? You can browse through the internet, download anything you want, communicate with others easily. We have it here, where we need it and when we need it. So, let’s find out how does broadband work, what are it’s advantages and how to choose the right internet package for you.

We can think of broadband as a class of communication channel that can carry 10 times more data than the regular phone lines. The wider is the bandwidth of the channel the faster can it send data. This channel comes to our homes through cables and lines set up by internet service providers. These providers have made it easier for us to have access to the web. Because of its’ large demand, a very large number of providers have emerged to fulfill our wishes. Whatever we need, it’s included in one of those special packages of theirs. But what’s that special about it? I guess it’s high time we talked about the advantages broadband has brought us and how advanced is it.

So, what’s the fuss? Well, just imagine that the simple fact that you can read this article lying comfortable in your bed while downloading the latest track from, I don’t know-Depeche Mode, is possible because of broadband. Oh, and just wait, 3, 2, 1…Done! You’re already listening to that track. Yeah, it’s a miracle. I bet you’ve never thought at it this way. It’s fast and provides better uninterrupted service. Remember that dial-up that made your phone busy and that made you pay trillions every month? Forget it! These days you can have unlimited access with the minimum of resources. You just have to decide what you need in order to get the best deal.

What do you use your broadband connection for? If you have an online business and need internet all the time for checking that everything is going smoothly and also checking your email, communicating with your clients, then you need an unlimited broadband. Also, if you use it for games, downloading music and videos, then you also need an unlimited connection as you’ll be a lot online and this way you save money. If you only use your broadband service for checking emails in order to connect with other people then you should get a package in which you pay for what you use as you won’t be that much online.

Availability of the internet service provider, connection speed and the download limit are the three things that tell you the kind of the performance the broadband connection offers. Also, the cost of all of this is not to be neglected. Most of the time we don’t have the internet usage we need or we pay too much for what we use. Availability depends of the network coverage in the area the provider has. Connection speed and download limit depends of course of the rates the provider demands. After you decide what your needs are, the next step is comparing the different packages of different service providers and choose the one that fits your budget best.

What have we learned? Using an internet connection makes you faster and more efficient. Also, you can find the best provider that offers a range of quality business broadband services in order for your business to be at its’ best. So, contact your IT Support service company and get the best deal on broadband service. If you find a company that provides better deals, then change your current one. It’s not a crime. And also, don’t forget about other services like it security, remote backup, online backup, disaster recovery, technical support. They might come in handy if you want your business to have the best chance in succeeding with fewer obstacles.

Disaster Recovery And Where Do We Start

The more your business grows and the longer you have your company, the more data
like documents, spreadsheets, presentations and media files pile up. The operations
of an organization or company depend very much on management’s awareness of
potential disasters. Every company should have the best IT Support company that
could come up with an excellent data recovery plan in case of an unfortunate

Such a plan is made of consistent actions to be taken before,
during and after a disaster. Also, it is highly important that the plan is
tested in order to see if it can ensure the continuity of operations and
availability of critical resources when needed. The objective of data recovery
planning is to protect the organization if all or part of its operations and computer
become unusable and also to keep the business, your business intact so
you could continue where you left off.

Having all that data on your hands requires a storage solution with hundreds
of gigabytes available and the advantage is that your storage options are
varied. From portable hard drives to online backup, mass storage is cheap. So,
there’s a solution for every situation and budget. You just have to get the
good ones in the business to do your thing. You should look for someone that
can give the best map to recovery with the lowest price and the most

Don’t confuse them with the painters because they do more than
that: they protect and recover your precious data in order to keep your
business running. They can’t help with fixing the walls of your office, but
they can and will we can and will help you plan what to do in the event of the
worst happening. They will give you the answer on how to re-establish your
network in a new location and get you back up on your feet and running as soon
as possible.

Even though this is the most extreme situation, the IT Support company will
look into each and every system to see what preventative measures can be taken
in order to ensure that something as short as a small power cut doesn’t put
your business in danger. We evaluate each system from all potential risk
angles, including all the potential physical risks and also the risk from
personnel and hackers. Backup software does not automatically come with a new
server but your IT Support company
will offer backup as part of their service and also what extra equipment you
might need. However, we have to recognize the limitations of the human factors
involved in the backup scheme. So, you should consider this also, even though
many businesses have confidence that the process is working as expected. That’s
why backup monitoring is an essential part of the equation.

Backup monitoring is the process that checks if your backup has run
successful because of the fact that sometimes it might seem that backup has run
but it hasn’t. Your IT Support company should perform a daily backup monitoring
check to make sure everything’s working as planned. You should search all over
the Internet and ask your IT friends if they know a good data recovery company.
You will be surprised to find out that many of these suggestions are

Everyone knows an IT guy that has suffered in trying to recover
lost data and also knows why. It is unbelievable but some businesses operate
without backup. This means of course that they didn’t think about the
consequences they might endure in the event of a disaster. The thing is that
once backup has been set up it can be an automatic process and you don’t have
to worry about it because it does its job with your minimal implication.

How to Benefit from a Learning Service

Working in the today’s world brings with itself the “you must know all that is new” thing in order to be good at your job as an individual and to be ahead of the competition as a business company. So, everyone knows that the best solution is online training. You learn what you need just by sitting at your desk and studying online. Companies need to keep their personnel trained and up to date with everything that’s new, especially IT skills that can only make them more efficient. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in as long as you have more knowledge about IT because this helps you do anything from marketing your company to run it better. You can do better.

IT classes are imperative if you want to have the most marketable skills and the best job or the most competitive company. Even though you as an individual or your employees can learn while completing tasks at the every day job, an IT training course would help brushing up some other vital skills. What to say about the new comers in the business world? Hurry up and get a spot on an IT training class or hire an IT Support company that has all these kind of services. First of all, you have to learn about IT. Then, think about the other things your company needs, like: disaster recovery, remote backup, IT security or technical support. Yeah, you can have it all.

About IT courses as an individual. Well, there are two ways to go on this particular thing: if you are too busy to go to an IT course, then you might try online training. Both are great, but if you have any questions, it’s easier to ask them face to face so that you can get the best answer. Now, think of what skills you want to get improved and what aspect of Information Technology you want to study. Most courses are technical and it may be very difficult if you don’t have a strong background in computers. So, maybe you need a basics course before a more complicated one. Also, get proper certification as today employers look for experience or a degree.

About IT courses as a company. Well, the best way is to hire a certified IT Support company that knows its’ way around this and can give you and your business the best options. Talking about this kind of training, you can get a personalized course and also the instructors are sent to the company itself to train your team. The best advantages are that you can train your whole team at one time and that you can either take it to the location where the IT Support company keeps the courses or get the instructors to your workplace. Also, the instructors are well prepared and use different methods which include presentations and IT training videos.

If you need a full training course for your team or want some advice about how to use a program or even need an IT induction course for your new starters, get qualified help. Whatever you require, a good IT Support company can provide you with the right training resources. Working with both their personnel and their preferred training consultants, they can offer you a vast range of courses to suit your needs and your budget. If the training is over your budget some IT companies give you the opportunity to share the costs with another company if you’re willing to share the course with it. You can be ahead of your competitors, so do your best. It’s that easy.

Online Backup And Why Do We Need It

Backing up data and protecting it is the hardest and most important challenge for every day computer users. Accidental deletion, system failure, viruses, power spikes and other similar incidents may be some of the reasons due to which data loss may occur. Because of the fact that data loss would strongly damage any Company or Organization and in some cases it can lead to total shutdown, everyone needs remote backup in order to prevent any unfortunate consequences.

Remote Backup is the best way to restore data the most effective way and it includes less human power, fewer mouse clicks and little time to restore data back. It means that in order to back up your files you create alternative copies of actual data so that you may restore your crucial files and folders again if it is lost due to any reason.
Now I suggest you review your hardware and data and take the time to create a computer backup plan, and find out anything you can about the best backup techniques as the advantages of online backup solutions for safely storing your most precious asset.

You should really think about online backup as it is safe no matter where you are. Everything stays online so there is threat of it being lost, stolen or destroyed by the two “F” words: fire and flood. The cost is very low, less than a dollar per GB and it can backup Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL Database Server, Oracle Database Server, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, In-File Data and volume shadow copy.
All you need is one simple login account for your entire business to be protected in 100 separate backup sets all running perfectly. You have access to your files from anywhere in the world and they can be easily retrieved. If you decide to use this option check into their background and find out if the service you choose encrypts your data and has a guarantee. Remind yourself the fact that online backup is automated and reliable and saves you from forgotten or missed backups that may be seen as constant failures.

If you think about it, other ways of backing up your data like tape drives or external hard disk drives have their disadvantages: you have to backup your data almost every week and after each one you have to switch them off and keep them in a safe location. If you don’t have a safe place for them then you have to create a special repository. These things imply to much human work. In contrast, online backups relieve you of such worries as the software breaks up all the separate elements of your backup (Databases, Mail, Files etc) and back each one in order for your business to be safe.
Forget all the fuss and try online backup. Regardless of what happens or wherever you would need to recover it, your data is just safe and sound at a minimal price.
Discover more about IT Support services at

Let’s Talk About Server Monitoring

Keeping things going nice and smooth is a 24 hour job depending on the online business you run. So you probably need a little help to keep it going. Some IT Support doesn’t sound bad. It is difficult and time spending to always make sure that everything is well done and also keep in touch with contacts while constantly watching and monitoring your computer. You can say it’s even nerve wrecking because you’re always stressed out. But you’re not alone. You can think about IT services, remote backup, IT security, disaster recovery. One of the best solutions for you and your business is server monitoring. You just have to look for the best.

Starting your own online business or company may have sounded like a good and simple idea at the beginning, but if you look at it now, your plate is overwhelming full. You have just discovered that while it may be easy to put a web site in place, it can be a great challenge to monitor exactly what's happening with that website. So, as I said, a web server monitoring watching out for your business is the best way to unload your plate and get the free time you’re wishing for. Instead of being stuck watching the progress or problems that might happen to your webpage or server, you can call your contacts and keep in touch with your suppliers.

Web server monitoring works in three different ways. So knowing what is best for your business you can choose between uptime monitoring, transactional monitoring or site audit. Uptime monitoring is the most basic of the web server monitoring and it’s specialized in checking your key objects, redirects, downtime and any potential problems. Transactional monitoring is ideal if your business consists of or deals with buying and selling products. Transactional monitoring includes uptime monitoring but it also includes monitoring shopping carts and subscribes. Site audit checks if the analytical code of a webpage that’s updated or moved and alerts you if the page has gone down.

The best part about web server monitoring is that you get instant alerts that can come in the form of a phone alert, email, text message or phone call. These alerts inform you if there’s a problem and what exactly that problem means. This happens after monitoring and checking your webpage. You can choose the way you want to get the alert and who to send it to. Web server monitoring is not just a simple way to prevent your server to crash but it also has the important ability to notice an underperforming server. It might be just dust in the exhaust fan or a buggy reboot but if your server slows down, your costumers slow down.

Visitors may lose interest if websites cannot deliver their contents as they should in an age when speed is wanted above almost everything else. By having your servers running, you keep your customers satisfied and always coming back. So, server monitoring service can be the ideal solution for anyone that really wants to run a successful website. If you care about your business going smoothly, hire a server monitoring service and become free of all the stress self monitoring brings. Your website should be well-designed and be available every time somebody wants to visit it in order to get the best feedback. With server monitoring there are no worries.

Advantages to this service are quite obvious. Your webpage will be down less and problems will be fixed right away instead of when you notice them or a customer reports them. Web server monitoring can really enhance your online business. Some of the key features of server monitoring include backup checks, hacker checks, disk consumption rates, exchange store usage, disk health, windows server updates services, antivirus, full asset tracking, event logs and more. Also, you know that when your server slows down or something’s going wrong, server monitoring has got your back. So, find the company that provides you with the best server monitoring services.

The Changing Face Of IT Support And The Fresh Approach From Little Fish

Historically, internal employees would fulfil specific roles with external consultants brought in when expertise in particular areas was required. A good example is that of IT Support was historically delivered through internal dedicated personnel or a willing volunteer, with some external consultancy brought on board to provide selective guidance to deliver the service needed. In more recent times, such staff members have been seen somewhat as a luxury and more and more companies are asking their kindly volunteers to concentrate on their core tasks in order to be more productive for the greater business.

The need to outsource then becomes a priority and recession focuses every purchaser of IT services to sharpen their criteria and also raise their expectation of the service that is to be delivered. Economic decline can also be a time of great potential, a time for increased creativity and investment into reviewing and refreshing the way in which a business functions in order to become a more effective and productive environment which can only encourage growth and improvements in performance.

The very nature of IT Support and the manner in which the service has historically been delivered has been the motivation for Littlefish over the past six months to rise to the challenge of changing the standard for IT Support delivery.
The release of the Littlefish Singlepoint portal in September 2009 will see the way in which a client experiences IT Support change dramatically; the new, unified system approach will revolutionise the way in which IT users,

Management and Directors experience IT Support services in the future. By providing one portal into the Littlefish systems, a client manager will be able to view all current support issues for their company, view real-time monitoring reports about their network, access all their current and historic invoicing, statement and pay for orders online if they wish.

With access to reporting tools, Littlefish Support or Support Plus clients will be able to get the best from their systems and plan for potential improvements with greater information and confidence than ever before.
What has for a long time been seen as a “black art” or a “necessary evil” is now something that Littlefish are striving to make much more accessible to all and something that can be seen as a tool to empower workforces today to be the workforces of tomorrow.

Monday, 9 November 2009

What Could a Good IT Consultant Service Do for You

Every business need is different. So, it needs a special solution and not the “typical plan” as some call it. Even though sometimes things get complicated, there is always someone to call to be there for you and your company. That is why you need to get the best IT Support company on the market. To be sure you get the most efficient services in order to help your business growing. This IT Support company can give you assistance in every situation. While you’re searching for the best, look at the services they provide. See if remote backup, disaster recovery, IT security, server monitoring are on their list. This can make your life much easier.

A consultant is the trained and skilled person that focuses on advising you in order to meet your business objectives. There are three ways on getting consultancy service: you have the professional services firms which have high bill rates, staffing firms which take care of temporary skill shortage and technical projects and independent consultants who work at a company or as independent contractors. Their efficiency results from their ability to integrate and support technologies and also determining products and brands. While searching for an IT consultant you should compare and contrast the services from the IT Support companies on the market.

Think about the advantages. As long as you can’t manage the technical part of your business, then the hired help is the way you should go. An IT consultant has a lot of experience and knowledge and he’ll know what to do to your system. Also, if you use different software applications for your business, then the IT consultant has the power to make them run smoothly together and avoid system breakdown in the event of software conflicts. Another important thing is that your company evolves and with its’ evolution there will be more complex needs that must be handled with care by experts that can take care of your business.

There are some other advantages that make you think about it from another point of view. There’s the fact that even though your company doesn’t work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there are IT Support companies that offer their services round the clock. This means you can call them whenever you need it and solve whatever problem you have. Also, an IT consultant can train your staff to work on the system you have had installed so there won’t be any problems with their job responsibilities. Another important problem is the fact that an IT consultant can get you the best antivirus for your system so that you won’t have any security problems.

By hiring the help of a good IT Support company you’ll make a good deal. They can help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it. They can give you their best consultants. They can stay with your business as it develops and becomes more and more complex. If you choose the best, then you won’t have to always hire another IT consultant because your IT Support company will send you one when you need it. They save you money and time and give you the insurance that everything works as planned. When specialized IT professionals perform tasks for your business, you can see the service that makes the difference.

Unfortunately, new problems, viruses, hackers that may affect your business appear every day. You need a good IT consultant that can manage the optimization and development of your company. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes and expert help for your IT infrastructure gives you just that. If you have any problems from SQL issues on a web server to not managing an Exchange upgrade, then pick up the phone and hire the best. As wide as the area of IT is, so are the problems that may appear. You have to know that you and your company are safe and an IT consultant is there when you want him to be. So, what are you waiting for?